Ask Paul: Will Spurs win tonight?

Linda sent me an email:

Dear Paul,
Do you think the Spurs will win tonight’s game without Kawhi?

To answer your question, Linda, yes, but it all depends on how the Spurs play. If they can stabilize their gameplay, as I mentioned earlier, I think they can pull off a win.

I look at this game as a must-win situation for the Spurs. They have to play four perfect games to win this series. It would be an ideal situation for the Spurs to tie this series at 1-1 and come back to San Antonio and hopefully win Games 3 and 4 at home.

However, given a six- or seven-game series (if the Spurs are down 0-2), it would be very difficult for the Spurs to pull off four perfect games out of an additional four or five more games to play.

Now, I have a lot of confidence in Coach Pop. I’m sure he looked at the tape and reviewed the mistakes the Spurs made on Sunday with the team. Pop doesn’t seem to think that sitting out Kawhi Leonard will have much of an impact on the Spurs’ performance, which tells me he’s pretty confident the Spurs will pull off a win tonight.

Because I trust what Pop is saying, yes, I do believe they will win tonight’s game without Kawhi.

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